Top 10 Best Egg Mixers


When it comes to buying stuff for the kitchen, it usually implies either holiday gift or well-considered acquisition. In both cases, you would definitely want to do your best in picking a new member to the kitchen staff. Looking around for the best solution, consider mixer. The greatest minds suggest it as one of the timelessly good ideas. Why? Come on, just imagine all those innumerable pieces of kitchenware to substitute and lots of energy to save by using only one mixer. But here we’re going to look at how mixer is going to help you out of the eggs’ problem.

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Solution Exists


If you are still wondering what the problem is going on with eggs, think about that messing around with them taking place in your kitchen. Recall all the dramatic situations when you tried your best to beat eggs carefully and mix thoroughly with forks and spoons but it took certain time to learn how not to fail. (And you might be not sure yet whether you’ve mastered this skill or not.) Here comes the solution. Great egg mixer! Have you ever thought about it? If not yet, then it’s time to make cooking eggs painless.


Before we deep into the world of mixers, there’s a principle question I have to warn you. It may turn out to be just as crucial as Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” but for mixers. Stand or hand? These are two keywords you may face wherever and whenever you are going to look for your best mixer solution. Both of the options have their advantages, as well as their antipodes. Let’s look at them closely.

Stand VS Hand


1)Hand Mixer:


+ small-sized

+ lightweight

+ easy to clean

+ a good fit for performing quick and easy tasks

+ can be used with any ware

+ significantly cheaper than its “stand” brother


– lacks power to process heavy stuff

– takes longer to do its job

– can perform only one task at a time

– impossible to hand mixing task to the device and do something else

– “likes” to splash (you will have some fun with it if you’re quickly getting bored with cooking)


2)Stand Mixer


+ power

+ speed

+ multitasking

+ hands are free

+ no splashing (no fun)


– expensive

– expansive (so be prepared that it may take over some of your kitchen space)

– heavy (transportation may turn out challenging)


You see, the question of choosing of right mixer comes down to your individual case: how complicated your cooking needs are usually, how much space you are ready to devote it, how often you’re going to move and, therefore, transport it, how much you would like to spend on it.


Wait But What About Eggs


Don’t get confused, we’re still up to the topic. The reason why we needed to start with quick overview of the types of mixer is just as simple as the idea of using mixer itself. Sometimes instead of having pretty narrow-oriented thing, you would want to get multifunctional thing that wouldn’t serve only for beating and mixing eggs. Sometimes, in contrary, you would want to get something cheaper but more specific as you don’t usually bother yourself with complicated cooking cases. You get the idea. So now let’s head for the best mixers that would help you to deal with eggs.


1.KitchenAid 5 Quart Artisan Stand Mixer – Ruby Red



When it comes to KitchenAid, you know for sure that it’s not only about aesthetic pleasure but primarily about versatility, high speed and comfort. KitchenAid 5 Quart Artisan Stand The mixer can surprise you with 10 settings of speed and terrific multitasking ability. Along with the bowl, you get dough hook, flat beater, wire whip, and a pouring shield. The latter adds up the convenience of adding ingredients during the process. Everything in this piece of kitchenware is made thinking about the consumer. Therefore, you can easily adjust a lot of settings. When you notice that its performance doesn’t meet your expectations, you can easily improve it by yourself relying on the thorough manual guide.


You may be stopped with the price that’s rather high. Besides, it has surprisingly low power for this class of mixers. Its size and weight are just average for such devices so be prepared to the occupation of certain space in your kitchen. Definitely, it isn’t the device for nomadic life.


Price: $279.99


2.Black & Decker GM200 Gizmo Mixer


This is definitely the thing you would want to glance over if you’re concerned with the free space in your kitchen or you like to change places. It has wall-mountable storage that keeps three rechargeable attachments (standard beater, whisk, and drink mixer) and the knob in one place. It’s easy to transport it and as you might have noticed it’s very easy to clean up (attachments are dishwasher safe).


It’s rather expensive especially regarding only two possible levels of speed and one beater.


Price: $179.95


3.Sunbeam FPSBSM21MR-BND Heritage Series 12-Speed 350-watt Stand Mixer Bundle with Bowl, 2.2-Quart and 4.6-Quart, Red


This stand mixer will make you surprised with as it’s lighter and smaller than its “brothers”. It will definitely help you to save space in your kitchen. However, in any case, it doesn’t mean less speed or power but, in contrary, you get 12 speed settings that make its work flash-like. There’s one more pleasant feature about speed. You can comfortably adjust it with the control knob. One more plus of its handling is easy addition of ingredients during its workflow. It includes two bowls (big and small ones), two whisks, two beaters, and two dough mixers.


You may face few possible defects in its work. The first one is that attachments hardly reach the bottom of the bowl. Therefore, mixing of the bottom layer is difficult and can require completing it by hand mixing. The second touches the base the bowl sits on. Sometimes it becomes unstable. In addition, this device belongs to the line of expensive mixers.



Price: $161.97


4.CHEFTRONIC Stand Mixers SM-986 120V/650W 5.5qt Bowl 6 Speed Kitchen Electric Mixer Machine

Even though CHEFTRONIC Stand Mixer can serve as the piece of decoration, we all know that it possesses the much broader area of application. The cover keeps ingredients from getting out of the bowl so it helps you to maintain your kitchen clean. Also, you get with it the whisk, kneading hook, mixer blade, and flexible beater. Consumers frequently complain that other mixers’ attachment don’t reach the sides of the bowl. Don’t worry it’s definitely not the case of this mixer.


The reverse side of the cover’s usefulness is that adding ingredients while it’s working is impossible. Besides, this splash shield is hardly removable. Even though attachments reach the sides of the bowl, the bottom layer usually remains unreached. We cannot forget to mention the price as it’s quite high for this device.



Price: $149.86


5.Hamilton Beach Electrics 63227 All-Metal Stand Mixer, Licorice


This metal stand mixer will impress you with high-speed (12 levels) and various functional units (2-piece pouring shield, flat beater, dough hook and wire whisk) that make its use real pleasure. Besides, it makes almost no noise and won’t bother you with cleaning exercises (it’s dishwasher safe).


Sometimes you can face difficulties while trying to handle stiff dough cases.


Price: $140.60


6.Homeleader K12-011 Stand Mixer, 5-Speed Stainless Steel Food Mixer with 5L Bowl, 800W, White

This is a high-power (800 W) thing you will enjoy to have as a new member of your kitchen staff. It includes additional eggbeater and a set of other helpful tools (dough kneading hook,mixing hook, plastic measuring cup). You can easily clean it. Besides, the price seems to be reasonable comparing to the mixing devices of the same power.


You may face the problem with speed as it’s not so high as expected. There are 5 settings of speed but only the last makes the process really fast while the other ones are way slower. Another frequent for mixers issue is that beaters don’t get really close to the bowl edge.


Price: $125.99


7.Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer



This one can be a great fit for performing either beating eggs or tough mixing (like sticky bread dough) thanks to the additional attachments. It’s relatively lightweight (compared with similar mixers) and available on the market for the very acceptable price.


The size of the device is average for stand mixers. So it will hardly give you the opportunity to save space. Also, it requires hand cleaning as the dishwasher cannot provide thorough cleaning for this device.



Price: $64.32


8.Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel


This Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer model will definitely impress you with the price that is the lowest for such mixers. It includes two removable mixers which can be used for hand mixing. It’s quite lightweight, small and easy to clean (dishwasher safe). So if you value portability of the device and free kitchen space to a higher power and additional settings of speed, it’s a great deal.


While trying it, you may figure out the difficulties in dealing with sticky substances. Besides, ingredients can be dispersed from the bowl during the mixing process. Finally, the most frequent problem that exists here as well is the inability of reaching the very bottom of the bowl by the beaters.



Price: $29.96


9.OXO Good Grips Egg Beater



This egg beater has a lot of advantages as it’s quite small, lightweight, simple in deployment and easy to clean. It’s super efficient for beating eggs and relative simple mixing tasks. Moreover, the price is low.


Disadvantages are those that hand mixers usually possess. They include quite a narrow area of possible use due to insufficient power and speed. Besides, it doesn’t make possible to do more than one task at a time.



Price: $19.95


10.Zip Whisk Self Mixer Stainless Steel



These steel mixers are the smallest and the lightest. You won’t have any difficulties to clean them and its handle is extremely simple. Besides, it’s the cheapest deal among possible mixers.


Disadvantages include a narrow area of deployment, ability to handle only light substances and impossibility to save time due to hand mixing.



Price: $9.99



You may wonder, why you would need to get full-fledged mixer just in order to ease your lot in cooking eggs. Then, you don’t see where the core sense is hiding. Even though usually the prices of the multifunctional stand mixers is way higher than the prices of eggs beaters, you will be able to save a lot of time and energy when preparing complicated dishes. Certainly, it would mean deployment of your new assistant in mixing not only in cooking eggs. Of course, saving time is priceless but if you are not used to cooking a lot and you favor free space to the glittering kitchenware, then eggs beater with mixer two-in-one may appear as the best solution. As you can see placing your priorities correctly is the primary thing you need to do pursuing nearly perfect egg mixer. The rest is already done by kitchenware manufacturers.